Abstraction in the Twentieth Century

Auteur: M. Rosenthal 

EUR 25.00

ConditieAls nieuwJaar1996Editie1st
ISBN0-8109-6890-8FormaatGebonden met stofomslagIllustratieJa verschillendePagina's310

kunst abstract engels
By 1964, when historian H. Stuart Hughes wrote an essay rifled "Is Contemporary History Real History?. . . . contemporary" history had become a specialization. Hughes reminisced, "When I was a student, I had the strong impression that the writing and teaching of contemporary history were not quite respectable."(1) Today it remains a shadowy, if no longer suspect enterprise to fix contemporary experience as historical fact. A discipline without a period, contemporary art history could be defined as the attempt to fill the gap between George Heard Hamilton and Artforum.Because it is such a relative term, at some point historians will have to stop calling the art of 1945 contemporary. Contemporary to what or to whom? To the present moment? The majority of people alive today were born after 1945. Yet we persist with the term contemporary, reluctant to concede this art to modernism, or part of our own lives to the past. Or perhaps as academics we have accepted the temporal collapse of postmodernism so completely that time's passage no longer even matters, that we can see Expressionism and Neoexpressionism as the same thing.

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