Auteur: Brian Gallagher 

EUR 2.50

ConditieAls nieuwJaar2000UitgeverOrion Publishing Group Ltd 

When Julie returns home unexpectedly earlly from a short holiday, only to find a strange lemon-yellow wonder-bra hanging on the inside door knob on their Dublin flat, she is confronted by the inescapable fact that her husband Ronan is having an affair. But with whom--and above all why? Having identified Nicole as her rival, an unexpected turn of events throws Julie and Nicole together, and Julie finds her impossible to hate.

A lemon-yellow Wonderbra is the last thing Julie expects to find hanging on the inside doorknob of her Dublin flat when she returns early from holiday. The evidence is clear: her husband, Ronan, is having an affair. But who with? And why? Fuelled by anger, despite and plenty of whiskey, Julie embarks on a campaign of detection and revenge. Her motto: get mad, get even, then throw the bastard out. Her first victim is Ronan's beloved Porsche. Then, after Julie has identified the golden-haired Nicole as her rival, a clandestine visit to her house provides ample opportunity to vent her wrath. Not least on Nicole's aquarium. Julie and Nicole are unexpectedly thrown together, though Nicole has no idea who her new friend is, and Julie finds that Nicole, despite her excessive attachment to Feng Shui, and to her husband, is impossible to hate. Is Nicole as much a victim of Ronan's manipulation as Julie?

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